The Friday Five - 02

Happy Friday Friends! This week has felt like a long one, but was really busy for the Household Hammond clan.  We are in full on summer mode attempting to balance work, our almost finished upstairs renovation and the pull to be outside in the sunshine.  Below are my five highlight from this week...

1. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Purchases  

It feels like I have been scouring the Nordstrom website in all my free time this week trying not to 'miss' something too good to pass up!  I wanted to share with you what I chose to buy this week for me and the kids.  

My favorite Finds:

For my Boys:


2. My Ideal Protein Journey

I have started a health and wellness journey this week.  I want to get back to a comfortable weight and increase my energy so I have committed 12 weeks of my life to Ideal Protein; a medical professional guided weight loss program that helps you lose weight and keep it off.  I am four days in and feeling great.  I will talk in more depth about the program in an upcoming post. My dinner last night was turkey lemongrass skewers with a cucumber salad (you are actually looking at Jareds portion; as the soup nazi would say "no rice for you"). I am getting hungry just thinking about it!


3.  The 105th Island County Fair

The Island County Fair as I knew it growing up, now known as the Whidbey Island Fair is your typical small town fair. But, for me it reminds me of my late Grandma Dorothy.  She was really involved in our community and always served on the fair committee. She worked in the entertainment booth and would always make us feel special sneaking in with VIP access.  Every year we go to the fair in her memory; I love sharing the joy with my boys.


4. Grace not Perfection

Did you catch my post on my favorite books for the summer this week? One of my picks was Emily Ley's Grace not Perfection; a story of embracing simplicity and celebrating joy.  I have been picking it up in every spare, quiet moment I have had this week! I encourage you to give it a read; I feel inspired and refreshed by Emily's message to all us moms out there that are trying to do it all!  

5. My Joy from Chatbooks

I just received word that my newest Chatbook volume is on the way! Have you heard of Chatbooks before? It is a wonderful subscription service that automatically generates a series of photo books out of your social media or favorite photos. It compiles them into a beautiful little book.  I don't know about you, but I am horrible about printing photos.  This way I have a tangible memento of our lives. It costs $8 for 60 photos a volume, that's like giving up two lattes a month for a memento that lasts a life time! Think about it, you will love it! If you are interested in giving it a try check it out here!


What inspired you this week; tell me about it in the comments! Have a wonderful weekend friends! 


Kellie May